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Hey friends! I’m SO glad you’re here! 

I’m a tattoo loving, photog-mom who just can’t get enough of the gorgeous desert sun.

I know that you have a big event coming up, and I would love to have the privilege of capturing it on camera.

I’m passionate about telling your unique story in a way that perfectly captures your essence and perspective!

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xo, bre

My name’s Bre — and I’m here to be your absolute BIGGEST fan and hype girl. 

 I love shooting weddings and all things couples, and do so through the lens of a vintage, soft pastel, and whimsical style. 

From every laugh, to every stumble in the desert… I bring out YOU into these moments together.

I am here for you in front of one person or 500 people. This is your time to shine! 

Every couple is like a finger print– not one is the same. 

I capture the small, fleeting moments of pure intimacy and love between my couples.

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I think one of the biggest things that sets her apart is not just that she really knows her stuff and has a ton of talent…but that this is her PASSION and it truly shows. I promise you will not regret investing in her for your next session!



She’s known for engagement and wedding photography, but her ability to capture a family’s energy and love for one another on film is magical. I’m grateful to have the beautiful images of my family’s growth and evolution over the last 3 years through her lens. I would recommend her to anyone. 


She captures the love, passion, happiness, and laughter so perfectly. She makes you feel 100% comfortable & let’s you be yourself. Getting photos taken by her is such an incredible experience and I would highly recommend her for any kind of photos you want taken

you're here because you found the one you love

The Stories I tell

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It’s time to tell your story through the camera… and I’m SO ready to go on that adventure with you! 

 I wake up in the morning reaching for my camera and capturing the moments that we’ll cherish most. It’s the raw, momentary beauty of life that deserves to have its moment on the screen, and that’s what I want to capture for you! 

I’m the girl that will get up at 3am and hike into a canyon with you to get the perfect sweeping elopement shot as the sun rises. 

I’ll jump cacti to get the perfect flare shot, I’ll lay in the dirt to capture your perfect angles, and I’ll hop on the nearest chair to capture your groom’s honest jaw-drop when he sees you in that dress. 

Every couple has a story to tell. And I want to capture yours. 

My goal is to tell a story for you, years and years from now. I want to give you all that I can to make sure those few days you have left reality, get captured in the most fulfilling and joyful ways. 

I’ll Be Your Traveling Photographer Chasing Behind With A Camera To Capture Every Minute! 

Go chase your dream and take me with you

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Yellowstone National Park– July 2022

Yosemite National Park– October 2022

Anaheim, CA– November 2022

San Jose, CA– December 2022

Fresno, CA– April 2023

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