Weddings, Elopements, & Couples

You show your love best when you’re in your most comfortable, intimate element. I believe in capturing the candid, and will do whatever it takes to get your love on display. 

Let’s put together your shots for a session of your dreams! Below is a list of the packages that I offer

Packages For Every Pair

The Start of a Lifetime Love Story 

Capture the start of your journey as one with a tailored engagement shoot - giving you a moment that you can cherish from this exciting engagement season! 

We’ll go to the perfect start and watch your hearts run wild right in front of my lens. If you’ve been looking for the perfect shot to capture your history, adventure, and beauty of the present moment, drop me a line. I would LOVE to capture this special part of your journey just before you start your married life together!

Prices start at $1,850 for your special day + engagement - but please inquire to determine the total package price for your session! 

Engagement Shoot

But for now, here’s a little more about what you’ll get in your engagement package

Engagement Package

This is where the fun STARTS!

What better way to celebrate an engagement than to get photos done!? You can use these for your save the dates, invitations and so much more! 


Your Fairytale On Camera

Elopements tell a story of their own… whether you’re escaping to a private mountain villa, or taking your first steps together down your hometown courthouse stairs, I want to be there to help catch all those tiny, beautiful details of your big day. 

Even though it’s more intimate, an elopement is a massive celebration of how far you’ve come and how far you have yet to go. We want to get all of that in front of the camera - so grab your partner and get ready to capture every minute! 

Prices start at $950 - but please inquire to determine the total package price for your big day! 


Let’s get into what I have to offer for your elopement shoot 

Elopement Package

The beautiful, intimate moments between you and your spouse. That’s what I am here for. Elopements are the tiny yet huge moments in your life that you will treasure forever. In such a small amount of time, I get to capture one of the most important moments in your lifetime.
We recommend this package if your ceremony will be especially intimate, and for couples on a budget.

intimate Package

We recommend this package if your ceremony will be more involved, and if you have a variety of shots you want to grab. A second shooter will act as my second pair of hands and grab the most amazing stills while I continue to work on building the story. 
This is also great for those who want an engagement session to capture that brief season of life before you two make it official. 

The Best Day of Your Life (So Far!) 

The big day is almost here - and you need a photographer who will be by your side through it all. Rain, wind, snow, or sun, we’ll be breaking out ALL the stops to perfectly capture your wedding day. 

Weddings are ALL about the details, and you’ll want to savor the moments of that day (and trust me…it’ll move fast!) 

While you’re getting ready and meeting your partner for the last first time as a fiancee, I’ll be grabbing all the perfect angles and telling the story of your day, giving you something to treasure for years to come.

From the details to the first kiss... this is your big day. 4, 6, 8, 10 hours, you name it. Every wedding package you have to choose from comes with a second shooter, tax included ANDDD an engagement session. I'm here for it ALLLL! Ready, set, let's get married.


Prices start at $1,850 - but please inquire to determine the total package price for your big day! 

Wedding Packages

Wedding Packages

package one

It’s the big day…are you ready to tell the story of a lifetime? This package allows you to do just that, and capture gorgeous, timeline shots from ceremony to reception. This also can be tailored to your timeline, so I can show up and start whenever you’re ready to start making memories! There’s not a moment to waste…and it’s going to go fast! 
This package is ideal for couples who want as many hours of shooting as possible, but that is also working within a budget. We’ll be there for all the big moments and get them on film, working and watching for the next perfect shot! 


Capture every single second of your wedding day, from getting ready to the party of the century. My team and I will be rooting for you from the sidelines, capturing all the magic in stills and shots that you’ll cherish forever. (Heck, we might even join you on the dance floor!) 
This package is ideal for couples who want 8 hours of coverage for an affordable price, and who are looking for more stills to enjoy after the editing and culling process. 8 hours generally covers the beginning of the prep process to the end of the night, and can get you a TON of value for your cost!


The lovers, the dreamers, and everyone in between LOVE this package…because it gives you end-to-end coverage on your wedding day! 
From the time you wake up until the time the last dance plays, you’ll be 100% covered and captured every minute. Leaving you to do nothing but soak up all the beautiful moments of the best day of your life. 
You’ll walk away with over 700 images from your special day, and enjoy 10 hours of coverage, planning help, and so much more…

let's do this

let's do this

Sound good? 
Let’s chat! 

You wake up that morning, getting ready to grab a quick bite before you start getting ready for your love. I knock at the door, coffee and doughnuts in hand, ready to celebrate with you every step of the way! We chat together, and I help you work out last-minute needs, snapping photos all the time that you’re spending getting ready and partying with your girls. 

We walk out the door, and the first look happens. There are tears, laughter, and tons of hugs and kisses, all being caught by the camera to make the perfect pictures for your wedding album. 

the day of your wedding

You’ll walk the aisle, say “I do,” and I’ll be weaving through and capturing every minute! We’ll party, dance, laugh, and celebrate, and you’ll get your shots just 8 weeks later. 

All the while, you’ll be savoring each second and leaning into your lover - and I’ll be your #1 hype woman, coordination assistant, best friend, and party master - making sure that your day goes EXACTLY according to plan. 

Your day is JUST around the corner. Close your eyes and let’s dream together…

That’s when time will absolutely FLY. 

client love letters

I think one of the biggest things that sets her apart is not just that she really knows her stuff and has a ton of talent…but that this is her PASSION and it truly shows. I promise you will not regret investing in her for your next session!



She’s known for engagement and wedding photography, but her ability to capture a family’s energy and love for one another on film is magical. I’m grateful to have the beautiful images of my family’s growth and evolution over the last 3 years through her lens. I would recommend her to anyone. 


She captures the love, passion, happiness, and laughter so perfectly. She makes you feel 100% comfortable & let’s you be yourself. Getting photos taken by her is such an incredible experience and I would highly recommend her for any kind of photos you want taken